A/N: Jeankasa-centric fic that could fit in canonverse; just had a lot of character theories and headcanons I needed to get out there, including post-Trost Jean becoming more withdrawn, the trio growing up and growing apart (despite their continued devotion to each other), and Mikasa as a normal person (seriously, fandom - an overachiever can still be a normal non-ice queen teenager, I promise).

Rating: G

Summary: Jean lies, and Mikasa embarks on her most challenging mission yet.

“So, your errands today were to pick up pastries and go see this play?” Mikasa asked, taking one of the pastries from Jean and popping it into her mouth. Jean was right, the vanilla custard filling was better than anything they had from the canteen.

“Pretty much,” Jean shrugged. “Saying ‘errands’ made me sound busy though, right?” He licked the sugar off his fingers and started on another piece.

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rise up and take the power back
its time the, fat cats had a heart attack

(armin& mikasa commission for bec/tumblr user benepla w i n ks)

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Kill him already, he’s not Marco anymore-!

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Snk Trainees in Onesies. Look how freaking cute they all are!! :)

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Armin looks innocent, but he’s actually the pervy one.

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Summary: Continuation fic from the anime’s current spot, multi-chapter
Fandom: Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin)
A/N: Continuation from my first 8 chapters of “The Longest Road”

Eren rode behind Levi in silence, the steady thump of the horses’ hooves drumming out his fledgling thoughts. Maybe he had grown too accustomed to the regular schedule of life back at headquarters, or maybe it just felt strange to be out on the road again, but Eren couldn’t seem to place the feeling of unease that nagged at his stomach. What would Armin notice about today? He’d only seen Armin briefly in the morning, but they hadn’t had a chance to speak. There were very few people he’d had a chance to see; Levi had taken him aside and they’d ridden along the far right flank of the survey corps, the farthest placement of the scouts. It did seem strange that they were riding in their scouting formation, they hadn’t even reached Karanes and were well within the outer walls. Wouldn’t it be easier to ride in the standard formation along the paved roads? Surely there was no risk of titan attack within Wall Rose? Hadn’t they already captured Annie? What did Erwin expect to see?

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  • Question: ☾☠ for Jeankasa, please! - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Sleep Headcanon: Jean enjoys being the little spoon, and Mikasa hasn’t many complaints into cuddling with Jean’s back all night long. But whenever they sleep with Mikasa cuddling on Jean’s chest, Jean has to be careful and not move too much in his sleep or else she’ll punch him out of reflex. 

    Drinking/Drunk Headcanon: Jean is a rather stoic kind of drunk. When intoxicated, he’s awful silent and still, which is honestly better than what Mikasa tends to do. She’s the weepy-girl kind of drunk. ‘nuff said.

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